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Thursday, 2 July 2020

"That's a scary old man on the cover!"

When I took the package from the front doorstep the first thing that I noticed was that it was bulky. I felt around the package as I was not expecting anything large (old habits die hard) and after that I carefully undid the package to find that there was another sturdy layer of card....followed by more protection and then...a book!

It was sturdy enough in itself but lightweight. It turned out to be 25 Star Stories For Boys published by D. C. Thomson & Sons.  Now, normally I do not buy fiction books only technical ones or books covering subjects I am looking into so need references. I have no time to read a lot of text books. So why did I buy this one? Well, I thought one of the stories featured art by John McCail but iot did not -just the publisher re-using an old title. Not uncommon.

Here is the book -look how thick it is...
The book size is 11.5 inches x 8.25 inches and 1.25 inches thick (29.9 x 20.25 x 2.5 cms) and there are 190 pp and in those days this thickness of paper was not unusual and books looked bulky!
Cover not in bad shape but as my sister pointed out "That's a scary old man on the cover!" Ahem. A kid that lived a rough life I'd say!
The spine is missing its cloth binding. Nothing really that unusual because even 1950s and early 1960s annuals bound this way can lose the binding cloth. Remember these were books printed as disposable entertainment and the binding on other books read by careful adults might remain intact but, come on -kids!
The frontispiece is rather jolly and not scribbled on.
The dedication camera needs shooting but it's all I have:

"This BOOK Belongs To-
Keith Parsons
with Love & best wishes
from Auntie Nance & Uncle Jack
Xmas 1939"
Below is the contents page

And I know what you are thinking: "He must have spent a fortune getting that book!"  Well, it is over 81 years old and there is the significance of it coming from the very year that the "unpleasantness" started with Germany (no, NOT Brexit! Honestly). My mind asks questions immediately knowing full well that I will never get the answers.  But here we have Aunt Nance and Uncle Jack giving nephew Keith a Christmas annual just as war was breaking out and you can only hope they all went through that safely.

It is not just a book but a connection to human beings 81 years ago.

Oh. Right. You wanted to know how much I spent on this book. Deep breath, with postage...£7.50 or Euro 8.19 and $9.23.  That about covers you for 1.5 US comics today. Bargain. I may read through it more when I get time as I've a lot of publishing work to do but for my collection I do not mind having this book -it all dovetails in with our favourite subject -comics!

No, before you ask, I do not sell on or even think about how I could mark up the price of the book.

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