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Friday, 20 April 2012

I'm Appealing....Honestly!

I am always -always- on the look out for scans of British Golden Age Comics from 1939-1952.  Not, I need to add D. C. Thomson or Amalgamated Press as there are plenty of scans out there.

I am looking for comics by any small Independents, particularly Gerald Swan but also Philmar, Foldes and Cartoon Art Productions. These are all used to form a British Comic Book Archives at the following link:

The "holy grails" are, naturally, Thrill Comics (Swan) Krakos The Egyptian and The Bat (not the 1950s Bat by George McQueen though scans of that comic The Bat Magazine would never be turned away!).  Zip Bang Comic featuring The Moon Man and Big Win Comic, Scion, 1948, featuring Zom Of The Zodiac amongst others are ones I'm sure we would all love to see.

That said, it may well be that very few, if any, copies exist today.

In the next week I'll be posting a list of what the British Comic Book Archives is looking for though, as I say, all contributions are welcome!

So, if you can


The Tornado Meets The Sea Beast

This one is from Oh Boy! No.5, which would make it...1949?  Credited, by Denis Gifford as being the work of the late Mick Anglo. Looking at the style there's not that much doubt.

The British had something about cephalopods.  TNT Tom saw off some that wanted to destroy the Earth with a huge bomb and, most famously, in film, it was a giant cephalopod-like alien-human hybrid that invaded Westminster Abbey in the film The Quatermass Experiment (on this occasion Prof. Bernard Quatermass being played by Brian Donlevy -as in Quatermass II).

So long as they are not the Octopoids from Dimension 0K2 who cares?


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Merry Maker Comic No. 3

Received the following scans of The Merry Maker Comic today from
Hi Terry,
"Just scanned issue # 3 of this comic and as I promised here's the page scans. Will be posting it to Scanarama in the next week.
The only signed strips appear to be Basil Reynolds on 'Larry Lisp', Stanley White on 'Bob ansd Doris' and Hugh White on 'The Castle Mystery'. The latter two variations on Hugh Stanley White presumably.
No date of course, presumably after the War. One can only hope some other of the issues will eventually surface.
Well, I can solve the date, if not the exact date (week). 
Algar/Burn published 11 issues of the title between 1946-1947.  If a weekly, then it must have begun population later in the year (1946) to reach no. 11 in 1947.  So I'm guessing that number 3 must have been published in December 1947?
Anyone who can pinpoint it know where I am!
And, of course, THANK YOU, Ernesto!



Monday, 2 April 2012

Who Would Be In YOUR British Golden Age and UK Silver Age Teams

 I posted this to my Yahoo British Comic Books Archive and Britcomics groups today.  Interesting if I get ANY reaction!!

So I thought, let's try this on the blog...

No kidding. About 0300 hrs this morning I was working on a project and thought about this.

The thing is, all the characters would have to be British.  They would also have to come from the British Golden Age and Silver Ages publishers.  I know my team because I'm working on them right now. The question is, how well known are British Golden Age characters amongst members?

To make it easier, let's say I decided the team had to be Fleetway or Thomson:

Billy The Cat
Mr Pendragon
The Iron Fish
Red Star Robinson
Katy The Cat

That would be a BASIC team to build on.  For Fleetway:

The Iron Man
The Phantom Viking
Thunderbolt The Avenger
Robot Archie
The Spider

Again, a basic team for the Silver Ages.

But the 1940s team built from non-D. C. Thomson and Non-Amalgamated Press characters and the same for the Silver Age.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Lets see what you got!