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Monday, 2 April 2012

Who Would Be In YOUR British Golden Age and UK Silver Age Teams

 I posted this to my Yahoo British Comic Books Archive and Britcomics groups today.  Interesting if I get ANY reaction!!

So I thought, let's try this on the blog...

No kidding. About 0300 hrs this morning I was working on a project and thought about this.

The thing is, all the characters would have to be British.  They would also have to come from the British Golden Age and Silver Ages publishers.  I know my team because I'm working on them right now. The question is, how well known are British Golden Age characters amongst members?

To make it easier, let's say I decided the team had to be Fleetway or Thomson:

Billy The Cat
Mr Pendragon
The Iron Fish
Red Star Robinson
Katy The Cat

That would be a BASIC team to build on.  For Fleetway:

The Iron Man
The Phantom Viking
Thunderbolt The Avenger
Robot Archie
The Spider

Again, a basic team for the Silver Ages.

But the 1940s team built from non-D. C. Thomson and Non-Amalgamated Press characters and the same for the Silver Age.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Lets see what you got!


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