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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Litening: The Son Of The Gods

Litening was drawn by a young Ron Embleton for The Big Flame Wonder Comic published by Scion in 1948. It appears to have been another one off (check the post on Defining The Ages of British Comics where these one offs are explained).

The same fate befell the Litening pages as the Zom pages.  I live in hope that some charitable person may offer scans...?

Zom Of The Zodiac

ZOM OF THE ZODIAC Appeared in Big Win Comic no.1,published by Scion Ltd (London) and was drawn by a future Ace Hart artist -S. K. Perkins, who began working in comics in 1925.

Zom has become a major character in the Black Tower Comics Universe where every effort has been made to keep his past a secret, though he has displayed almost god-like abilities at times.  Sadly, these are the only pages I had.  Before computers and scanning were the norm the other pages were lost.  Anyone...?

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Another big THANK YOU to Ernesto for this.  He wrote:

 Hi Terry,
Another 1940's scan for you.
This unnumbered issue is presumably the first issue of Jolly Adventures from Martin and Reid. According to his Wiki page Mick Anglo did a story, "Danger Inc" (Jolly Adventures #4, Martin and Reid, 1948), and he may well have done others, so there were at least 4 issues. I include a scan of the front cover of issue 3 thanks to the Comics UK site.
THe funnies strips in the issue all look to be from the same artist, but the Gaol Break and Strange Facts look decidely different. Hopefully you may have some clues in the great 'spot-the-artist' game. 
Well,  There were around 23 titles with "Jolly" in them -all by different publishers!

JOLLY ADVENTURES ran for 9 issues between 1946-1949.  H. E. Pease is credited as Artist for no.1 and 2-9 Louis Diamond.  I believe that this is actually issue one.  I think Lambiek has an entry on him as either "Charlie Pease" or Albert T. Pease.  The thing, apart from the artwork, that leads me to believe this is Pease is the lettering which is very distinctive -particularly the letter "L" with the little wave.

Let's face it, Louis Diamond's work was MUCH different.
Now whether GAOL BREAK is Pease using a serious style I have no idea. Again, far different from Diamond's style.

So, thanks for sharing a first issue of a comic I knew of vaguely but had never seen!
As usual I'll leave the pages at this size for a week before reducing them.