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Monday, 2 March 2020

UK Grails?

I was asked by someone what my "grails" were. I gathered he meant what books I'd like to get hold of.
Obviously William A. Ward's The Bat the strip or the alleged collected edition.
The list used to be on the Yahoo groups but I have filled in a lot of "want to see/haves" since then -full Iron Warrior and Krakos strips (I would love to see Krakos' first appearance). Mars Man, Moon Man in Zip Bang.
Sad though I might be I would dearly love to put faces to the creators -the McCails, Len Fullerton, Alf Farningham, William A Ward and so on. That I have found images of some original Penny Dreadful authors is perplexing since we have portraits or even sketch portraits but no photos of people who are more modern era -John Spencer (Samuel Assael), Gerald Swan and so on.
For me just finding a new character or even the odd photo tends to be a boost.
Of course if anyone out there has any of these things -get in touch!

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