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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Ace Hart and the Planet of Wanted Men!

Super Thriller Comic #16

As these pages are just for the blog they are not cleaned up as they would be for publication.

Super Thriller Comic ran for 29 issues and along the way became Western Super Thriller and when I say 29 that is a possible total number as the title started in 1947 and ended during the 1950s Publisher is listed as "Foldes/WDL" -WDL stands for World Distributors Library -probably better known for their hardback comic annuals.

The artist for issues 1-5 was Rex Hart -who had drawn Superboyo. Terry Patrick then took over and Patrick did some early work for Gerald Swan -as discussed on the Brit Comics Face Book page. Here is a very rare photo of the man.

Some of these strips were reprinted in the Black Tower Gold Collection so if you want to see more Ace...or look for the newer stories from Black Tower in the last ten years!

Enjoy and if you use any images or info PLEASE at least credit me or the BCBA. Thanks!

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