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Saturday, 7 March 2020

Black Tower Super Heroes 2 and 3

This coming Monday (9th) I shall be ordering copies of two books; Black Tower Super Heroes 2 and 3 from my online storefront.  They are currently unavailable until I have proof read both and made sure that everything is as it should be.  This will make them books nos. 97 and 98 on the store.

I wanted to check the pdf for the first issue and found that for some reason the Print on Demand company had deactivated the book without telling me and I have no idea why. Therefore I had to go through the whole publishing process again. For potential buyers this is good news since issues 2-8 are all 80 pagers and no. 1 was a 48 pager: accordingly I cut £2.00 from the cover price (yes, less money from a sale to me but....).
It is quite obvious that Print On Demand (POD) companies are really not aimed at comics or graphic novels because they are not happy using PDF but prefer Word Doc which normally has a wide border margin -this I have gotten around (I hope). The whole uploading of issues 2 and 3 has been a nightmare with all the pages being correct regarding size, etc. -confirmed by my POD agent who double-checked everything. The problem appears to be their antiquated system that can only manage quiote old Adobe programs!

My files were rejected for being the wrong size (in fact "differing page sizes") and I thought I would try the old Indian POD I used -they uploaded and rejected the files because, unlike my current POD, they have updated systems since 2012 so the standard sixe for an A4 publication has changed!
As I've already written, I hope that I have solved the problem as my POD easily did a size correction to the Word Doc -Word Doc ios a standard format so there is nothing to change and no differing page sizes. Oh, apparently there were a couple images not at 300 dpi that I should correct...? What they mean is that their system focussed on a panel on the page full of panels and decided it was not the right dpi.
The fact that "the Author is always to blame" was shown to be a great big lie when the POD (as detailed on the Black Tower Face Book page) admitted that they had a faulty and out of date system -to be upgraded "in the near future".
So. if everything looks okay I will post as soon as the books are placed on the online store.

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