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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Some upcoming changes

With continued lack of any kind of support from the thousands who visit CBO on a daily basis the blog will go dormant in September.

A few changes are on the way.

The Black Tower Comics & Books blog as well as Face Book page are set to continue -again, high views but no comments which is okay as they deal with my publishing business.  People can still ask questions if they want but I'm not too concerned about none since that seems standard these days.

If I find videos I feel are relevant to Independent comics then I will post them on the blog.

With well over 100 books now on the online store Black Tower is still one of the largesat (the largest) Black and White Independent comic publishers. one change taking place is that The UK's Largest Independent Publisher" will have the "UK" part dropped.

With the new system having been brought online by the Print On Demansd company I use over a week ago there are still problems. I can assuire you that if you check a book out and there is no cover displayed that is purekly an on site problem they are sorting out. ALL of the books are there and can still be ordered.

However, the new book display system of 4 at a time is tedious.  For this reason one of my old comic news blogs is being update to the Black Tower Comics Shop News.  Eventually all books, their covers and links for ordering will be listed so that the only point you really have to go to the online store is to check out the book preview and order.  The Comic Shop News will be a kind of online catalogue supplimenting the onlone store.  All for potential customers convenience...but a lot work for me!

Hey, I'm even posting a link to the BTC&B blog and vice versa so I am making this all very easy for you who are interested.

I will announce when the Comic Shop News blog is open later in the week.

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