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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Archiving the Face Book Group

It is what you do with groups and blogs where no one shows any interest

I just archived the UK Golden Age Comics Face Book group. It was bad enough that the Yahoo version ran from 2002-2019 (when Yahoo deleted its groups as anything but mailing lists) and the only member responses I got were "We don't know anything -you are the expert" (which wears very thin as an excuse to not contribute especially when you know five of the longest members have big collections but never contribute BUT do take any original scans they want).

But I saved as much as I could -files, photos, images -some rare or not seen in many decades. Took a few months to get everything I could on the FB group. Some old members joined but the majority simply could not be bothered -even announcements on the old Yahoo group page go unanswered (though members are still active on other groups).

The one thing I have heard constantly since 2010 is "We need to see more UK reprints" or "That I am buying when it is published!" and now we have Comic Bits and Black Tower Super Heroes (BTSH prinrting a few old strips) and how many copies have sold? 0. None. Not one. I do not think a single copy of any of the 6 slimmwer volumed Black Tower Gold Collections has ever sold. The BIG collection...4 copies in 7 years.

So where is this claimed "huge interest in the British Golden Age of comics"? Not even the near legendary Back From The Dead has sold a copy and that took weeks to clean up and make readable.
Just over under 40, 000 views of this blog. Any comments from readers or questions? Not one. Any of the 40k actually purchased one of my books then please let me know. Leave a comment because as it stands I seem to be alone here.

My scans get stolen and uploaded to other pages with "original scan source unknown" added -the uploaders are members on my group.

My articles and posts have huge chunks stolen and used by others as 'their' work. Scans they will soak up all day long but support the continued work by buying books? Slap my ass because in a 3000 word article I made one -1- typo.
As sole contributor to the blogs and groups I've had enough. You can check out the page but not comment. Come September the FB group will probably be deleted like the blogs.

One man +No support of any kind=..... . The math is not that difficult.
I love talking about comics but I'll do what I do anyway -keep it all in my head.

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