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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Joyride No. 2 1946

My THANKS once again to Ernesto for this. I had thought I'd posted it already but...

Ernesto's message read:

Hi Terry,
Just scanned this all Bob Wilkin comic from the 1940's, but no specific date on it as usual.
Didn't know he had done any small independent comics, but I guess everyone was trying their hand back then, and certainly nice to come across a copy. Obviously there were at least two issues.
Trust you might know something more on all this.
There were 5 issues in total and all published in 1946.  Now, Bob Wilkin is only credited with issue number one -I've no idea about 2-5.  The first issue is listed as "NN" -"No number". I'm guessing Wilkin must have worked on the others -the proof is here!
Never seen this particular comic  before so it's a real find.  By the art style I'm guessing this is Wilkin of seaside postcard fame?

I'm hoping to get more info on him as well as, I hope, a photo, for the Golden Age blog and the Archives Yahoo group.

And that's about all I know!!

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