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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Dead Shot Man by "Stim"

We know "Stim" or "Murdock" was Murdock Stimpson a comic artist, funny postcard illustrator -and illustrator of childrens (non-comic) books.  He was active from the 1920s to 1950s according to comics authority Alan Clark. However, there are (like many others) no known photographs of Stimpson and we do not even know when he was born or in what year he died.

However, here is some of his Swan Comics work.  Enjoy.


  1. This is cracking stuff ! Dead Shot Dan is a hoot - and evil, too... at the end he's emptying his guns into the whole melee ! Even I wouldn't write that !
    Oh.A side note. Sorry, I couldn' find the page to comment in but - in the Dr.Synthe story part two, you've got a page in the wrong place. If you check I think pages 5 and 6 are reversed.
    That's a great little story, isn't it ? Great art - especially the knock kneed 'Mile High' Synthe on page 6 ! Why did 'Stars and Stripes' comic only make it a two part origin story ? Should've been much longer. More please more ! I love these glimpses back into the past !

  2. Who is this Terry Hooper-Scharf and WTF does he need all these blogs? Feckin egoist. Thanks for alerting me to the Dr Synthe error -out of all the people that have seen it no one else has mentioned it. Seriously, drawing and all the stuff on the net has screwed up my eyes. Its all just a painful blur. Centaur just did not last long. Seems to be no real explanation as to why -they had some great and original characters and creators and Dr Synthe may -MAY- appear in a future story. Even today people seem to just pass Centaur off.....I just found The Blue Lady origin -very Myrna Loy- so I may be doing another Centaur book. Depends on my energy. Dead Shot Dan is just mental!!