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Saturday, 22 February 2020

It's Back!! Why?

Why is the British Golden Age Comics blog back?  Well, I moved everything over to the British Golden Age Comics Face Book page when Yahoo shut down all of its Yahoo groups.  Also, despite the number of people viewing posts no one comments, asks questions or...buys books (you might think all of those people visiting this blog might be interested in books of Golden Age British strips?)

Scans are pinched and used without even acknowledging the source (myself or this blog).

American Golden Age comics, creators and reprints can be found all over the net.  In recent years some have jumped onto the British GA comics band wagon -previously they only bothered with Beano, Dandy or an Amalgamated Press comic. Now they all want "in" and cutting and pasting from this blog is a "thing".

To me, this is all about promoting history of British comics and the often uncredited or unknown creators.  I have spent a lot of time and (I wince) money buying old comics, scanning, cleaning and then publishing them at (basically) cost -the print on demand company and printers want their cut so I tend to make very little if anything and certainly not enough to pay back the time I've spent or money!

Obviously I am only going to give this blog a chance but if it yields no results I plan to close it later in the year.

You can support the ongoing work by sending me a brand new computer, a box full of money or by buying books...or sending me a box full of cash. I like the idea of a box full of cash. But whatever! :-)


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