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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

A Quick Note

 The British Golden Age of Comics Face Book page has been paused indefinitely. The reason for this was simple;I posted and posted, uploaded lots of images and evryone was aware of how to get hold of the reprint books and...

Very few if any responses. You assume that if people are fans or interested in a certain period or characters then they might ask questions or comment. Nope.

Remember the old Yahoo group had thousands of imges and hundreds of files and it was pretty much dead.

I am giving this blog a go until July at which time if its just me posting and no one bothering (or those certain bloggers stealing original work) then this also goes. Life's too short and I am quite happy to keep al the info in my head. Anything -such as the discovery of a Golden Age female hero- will go into publications. Decades of freebies and no credits are stopping.

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