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Tuesday, 19 April 2022

"That is not possible" It Is


I was asked in an interview for a German comics magazine why I stopped publishing British Golden Age reprints?

Well, there are six volumes as well as the huge collected edition and in ten years the collected edition has sold 3 copies while the single volumes....


Each book can take months to produce and for them to just sit in internet limbo while all the 'fans' bemoan the fact that these comics and characters have vanished...well, you work it out.
I have a huge collection of 1940s comic albums/annuals and comics and they are not being scanned or reprinted.

I enjoy them myself and there is no fandom -you know those people who all said they would be buying copies when I published?

The interviewer did not believe me and thought I was trying to drum up sales so I showed him the online store dashboard and sales report. "That cannot be possible" he said.

It is.

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