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Sunday, 13 March 2022

Lost Heroine Found and Comic Bits The Place To Find Them!

Although I do read any old boks and annuals/albums I receive before adding them to my already overweighted shelves

The first reason I check is to make sure no pages are missing and that there is no other damage that needs tending to first. Also...I love reading them!

The second reason is to see whether there are any characters I am unfamiliar with. My Vault of the Lost (that sounds cool...but I'm only referring to a section of my brain so...) has a stack of characters that no one else appears to know or care about (until I find them and then the Copy and Paste crew goes to work). There are a good few instances of my stumbling across a character not mentioned anywhere. Forgotten and as soon as I "show and tell" on the blog it is all grabbed and the purloiners start with their lies on how 'they' discovered this "lost gem". They know who they are as they check into CBO daily.

Comic Bits the Journal of British Diamond, Gold and early Silver ages comics as well as Penny Dreadfuls has featured some discoveries in its first two issues and issues 3 and 4 just need editing to make them presentable if I decide to publish them. In future any new discoveries will either be presented in Comic Bits or through a Black Tower publication as I am no longer in the mood for gving everything away after months of hard work.

Which brings us to the announcement I made..two weeks ago? Finding two more forgotten characters -female characters. Well, one turns out to be a slightly altered U.S. reprint that did make their way into some UK comics. At th time they were published (late 1940s) some new artists were trying to develop a more slick American style while working for Gerald Swan. This creates confusion unless you know what to look for.

It took a day but I found the original American comic strip and was able to dismiss it.

The second one, however, was British and was a superheroine (yeah, I wrote "heroine" -live with it). It seems to be a one off strip as I have almost a full collection of the publisher's annuals and even checked some comic issues -nothing. 

Name? Who drew it? Sample art?

Well, if you are really that interested you will need to wait for either Comic Bits or another publication to see the full strip and info.I have been giving away everything on CBO since 1997 and that is without any support to keep the work going so if you are interested then you pay.

Keep those eyes open!

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