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Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Wait...I Am Back -Why?


Oddly, my mother used to ask the same question whenever I walked into the house. But my family is no ones business and I do not care what the police say.

But it is a good question. Why am I now re-opening this blog?

Someone contacted me and asked why I had npothing online about old UK or British comics and kids papers from the Platinum, Diamond and Golden Ages of comics. Seemed odd so asked why he was asking and got the response "Well everyone quotes you and you've been mentioned in a couple books on the subject as the expert!"

I know one book he is referring to and to be honest although he sent all thje links to the sites he had been on my eye can no longer take more strain on the computer (I was up until after 0300 hrs working on wildlife files!) so I left it at that.

After having gone through re-pricing books (the print on demand company is a pain) and a whole host of other stuff and there are just about 200 books on the online store I just got total energy drain when it came to comics and having a PC from 2009 that is constantly failing and a now dead scanner and no money to buy replacements I just sank back in the chair. I guess burn-out after 40 years is allowable?

But I then heard from matey-boy and found a few emails in spam that thanked me for keeping alive these brilliant old characters and not "rebooting" them.  I then realised that the people who steal info and other stuff from this blog are just losers. They want to lie and say its all 'their' work and get congratulated on it (making their readers look like idiots) then fair enough.

I have a couple hundred old Swan albums and other items that give me a smile when I open them up.

Am I going to be such an arschloch as to stop others getting that little smirk of joy?


So I am back.

Please leave a comment so I know real people check the blog out and please check out the online store:


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